Project too big?

Hello to all!

I am new writer, and I used Scrivener for my project. After many years of writting (due to several reasons), my book (crime fiction) is finally over. But now the problems started to occur.

The project is about 500,000 words,. Scrivener freezes and it doesn’t respond when I am trying to see the statistics of it or to make it a Word or a PDF file. I started the program several times, I even restarted windows, but to no avail.

Any idea of what shoud I do?



The Compile screen may take a while to load, depending on the number and size of files Scrivener has to prepare.

It looks like the program is not responding, but at the background the software is working hard for you. :wink:

Set the Statistics to Estimate, not to Exact, for Scrivener will actually Compile with the setting to Exact.