Project Tracker in Full Screen?

I am using the windows version (of course). I have a Project Target that displays on my screen while I am in the normal scrivener window (where you can see the folders, notes, binders, etc). When I click to enter full screen, the Project Target window goes away.

I tried using the ctrl+, command to open up the Project Target while in full screen, but this only types “,” each time I try.

Is there a way to display the word count target for either project target or session target (or both) while still in full screen? This is one of the main features I was looking forward to using, as I saw people using the Mac version on stream with the project target open in full screen mode.

Can anyone help me? This is the main feature I was looking forward to with scrivener and I’ve spent the past 3 days trying to figure out what the deal is :confused:

Thank you for any feedback in advance.


here’s a picture of my full screen with the target “Wörter” and “Zeichen” in white on the bottom of the screen.

Hello, and thank you very much for the reply.

How did you get your “Wörter” or “words” to show a target? I notice yours shows 1,397/1,600, but on my screen in fullscreen I only see the words for that specific document.

I would prefer seeing this window in my fullscreen mode (Since I know you can in the Mac version), but I understand windows is more of a Scrivener-lite program.

So if it is not possible to get that project target window in the Windows version, I would like to at least get what you have where your “Wörter” displays 1,397/1,600.

Could you explain how you get this target to show up on the bottom of the screen in fullscreen mode?

Thank you very, very much. I truly appreciate it.


this is a screenshot of my “normal” scrivener. On the bottom right with the green bar and the filled circle you can see I put a document target (just click on that small circle), and that’s what also shows on the full screen. That’s a target only for that document, not for the whole project.

I hope that helps you.

That is good enough for my purposes at the moment, thank you so much! I never noticed that little circle down there until you showed me. I wish I could get the overall Project Target to show in full screen, but this will work for most of the things I wanted it for.

Thank you for much for your replies and your help.