Project Variables

I would like to be able to keep a list of project variables in a table, preferably accessed from the “Project Properties” dialog, then use placeholder tags to substitute in the correct variable. (e.g. <$var:funnyName>). As I was writing this, I realized that Project Replacements may be able to be abused for this purpose, but it seems a lot less intuitive for the purposes I had in mind.

I wouldn’t call that abuse, as Replacements are intended for, among other things, just this kind of task (I’ve been using them for years to do this type of stuff). It might not be the most straightforward, being a general purpose tool that is capable of doing a bunch of other things as well, but there is nothing at all that would break or be risky about using it for that purpose. They can even be more flexible once you add preset-level Replacements into the mix. <$isbn> can print different text depending upon the output requirements.