Project view as in IOS version

I use Scrivener on both my computer and iPad. Although the computer version is (of course) more fleshed out - I love the Project view you get in the IOS version. Is there any chance that a page displaying all your projects ( in the tile view) will be introduced to the computer version ? It’s very handy when you have a number of projects bubbling away in the background - to see them all in a cork board type fashion.
A minor request for the Wishlist page.
Thanks for all your hard work.

Because of the way iOS structures files, it makes this trivial to do for iOS apps. On a Mac or PC, you have a shared file system the user can navigate all over, creating folder hierarchies, and saving their projects anywhere in the file system.

In iOS, applications (for the most part) are not allowed to share their file data with each other; they are sandboxed security. Each application can only see its own data. As a result, Scrivener on iOS can easily see what projects you have loaded.

Its a trivial point I know -but the IOS view helps to remind one of projects that may have not been worked on for a while.
I realise they are there in “recent projects” or “favourite projects” list but I do like the visual look of the IOS tiles.

One could imagine a similar visual representation of the Favorites and Recents — similar to the existing option in Scriv to show the template chooser when no projects are open in Scriv. Arguably, a recents/favorites/new chooser would be more useful than having the template chooser pop up. One just does not create new projects all the time.

Still, this would not likely serve the purpose of reminding you of languishing projects, since those would fall off recents, and thus would only show up if you had with foresight favorited them against the day they would languish.

On Mac OS, create a Smart Group in Finder that searches for all .scriv files (or whatever criteria you want). Display it in icon view if you prefer.

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Thanks - good suggestion.

Kewms - tried this. Works great. I have a Smart Group displayed in my sidebar (called it Scrivener Projects). It updates with any new projects. Click on it and it displays all project tiles (like the IOS version). Happy Camper. Thanks for that advice.

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