Project vs Global formatting

I have two Scrivener projects, a novel and collection of recipes. My problem is that I cannot see a way to adjust the formatting in one (e.g., font, line spacing) without it affecting the other as well, short of doing it manually for every individual document. If I change the global settings in the options menu, both projects change. This is rather annoying to say the least.

Not sure if this is a problem with Scrivener or the user. Is there a way to set default formatting options project-wide without the change applying to all my projects?


There isn’t a way to do this yet; though there will be. However do keep in mind that formatting in Scrivener is less important than it is in word processors. When you compile, you can adjust the formatting of the output right there; meaning you can use whatever font you please in the editor and save the TNR/Courier stuff for output. So in that way, each project most certainly can have their own formats. It is assumed that by and large you will be choosing a font and format style that is comfortable to your eyes, while writing, rather than trying to use the format tools to “design a book” while you are writing. If that makes sense.

But, that aside, there definitely are cases where it can be handy for one project to have its own look. So like I say, it’s a planned future feature.

I’m glad to hear that’s coming. I understand that compiling will be completely separate, it just looks a bit odd to me to have everything formatted the same on-screen. Not a big deal; I’ll just grin and bear it for now.