Project Will Not Open

I’ve only had Scrivener on my iPad for a week now, but loved it … until now.
I was copying text from my iPad “Notes” app into my Project with no problems for several days, and Scrivener successfully synced with Dropbox. The last document that I was adding text was titled “Margaret”.
But now, when I try to open my Project, it tries to open in the document “Margaret”, but all that happens is a spinning wheel, as if Scrivener is trying to open the file but can’t - the spinning goes on forever.
I have no problem opening a test project I created and adding text and closing and syncing successfully. So Scrivener “works” but I can’t open my Project.
In a previous post, someone suggested they had deleted Scrivener from their iPad, downloaded it again, then synced with Dropbox and it successfully downloaded all of their projects. Is this safe to do?? Or is the “Margaret” document corrupted and the problem continues?? Can I somehow just get rid of the Margaret document in Dropbox?? Any other “fix”???

Don’t obliterate the Dropbox copy unless you have a backup.

Is the project synchronized with another device? If it’s also accessible via a PC or Mac, you can use that device’s version of Scrivener to both inspect the project and make a backup if necessary.

If you only have it on the iPad, backup instructions can be found here: … -backed-up

If there’s something wrong with the project that backing up and restoring doesn’t fix, please open a support ticket here:


Thanks Katherine!
My Scrivener is strictly on my iPad and syncing with Dropbox.
I did not have a backup - lesson learned and I will be diligent in the future.
I did open a ticket and received a response from Rob.
Unfortunately his first solution did not work and I have emailed a zip copy of the Project that he might be able to fix.
Thanks again, Bob.