Project within a project

I just upgraded to 2.0.2. Thanx for all your help.

Now I’m trying to clean up a problem I unknowingly created: I’ve got a project inside another project (as a folder). How can I get that project out, save it as a project in and of itself, w/out loosing any of its files?

Are you saying you dragged a .scriv file into the Binder? If so, you can just use File/Export/Files... to get it out. Select it in the Binder and use that menu command.


Thanx for chiming in.

No, I didn’t drag anything; I guess I opened a folder (the icon looks like a folder too) inside a project, and completed an entire multi-file project in that folder.

Does the project in the folder have a Draft and Research folder? If so then it does sound like you imported a project at some point. But maybe you just got carried away and created a project there all on your own, it’s possible. Or maybe your project morphed from one into two! Perhaps it’s multiplying in your sleep!

In any case, you could just create a new empty project and drag over that folder and all its contents, then place the items in the appropriate sections (Draft, Research, wherever). Or, if you have a lot of labels and other meta-data that you don’t want to risk losing, you could just do a Save-As in the original project, thus forking it and giving you two copies, one with a new name that you can cleverly choose based on the inner project. Then in that new version (which is where you will be after the Save As), just delete all the stuff you don’t want and move the project-in-the-folder out to whatever level it really should be.