Project won't open. Help!

I’m panicking here! I cannot open my novel!

I can open all of my older projects. However, when I try to access my most recent project, Scrivener shuts down.

I am using a MAC 2015 with the OS Big Sur version 11.1. (Which I recently downloaded)

Help! I’m in tears!

By the way, when I attempt to open the file through DropBox, I received the same error message.

Help, please!

Thank you,


Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of Scrivener, which is 3.2.2. You can download it here:

That should fix the problem.


I have the same problem! And I recently upgraded to Big Sur. Did you find a solution?

Hey, I had the same problem this morning, (hadn’t opened the app since upgrading to Big Sur) and downloading the latest version of scrivener helped.

Thank you! I’ll give that a try.