Project won't open on laptop-redux

Greetings all:
I have been saving my projects in Dropbox so I presumably could work off two computers. For my current WIP I’ve been using my desktop, but I really need to access it on my laptop.

I’ve tried everything, even posting here, even giving up, but I’m at it again because I’m going to traveling for several weeks.
Here’s the deal.
I save my Project on desktop, let it finish updating to Dropbox and close Scrivener.
Open laptop, let Dropbox update the files, and try to open my project.
It defaults to New Project every time. I click on Open Existing Project and try again. Same result.
I click on an older project and it opens.

What gives? Why do the older projects open, but not the one I need!
I’ve saved it as a zip file on my desktop, but extracted the files on my laptop, click on the file name which shows as Scrivener Project as Type of file.

Need advise. Will buy you a cup of coffee if you can solve my problem. :slight_smile:

I would suggest that you directly contact tech support, as discussed here…

Thanks for the suggestion ‘SpringfieldMH’. I just sent them an email. :slight_smile:

Just to check… You do understand that the laptop doesn’t know anything about what you have been doing, so you have to choose Open and then manually locate your project in Dropbox?

Is your laptop pointing to the same Dropbox folder as default for saving projects?

Always good to check ‘lunk’. I’m pretty sure I have chosen the right file, but obviously I’m missing something here.
Thanks for the reply.

Here’s a screenshot of what I see on my laptop when I forget to close it on the desktop. It would seem that it’s recognizing the project at least.

So why won’t it open when I’ve closed it on the desktop? Still waiting for Scrivener support to get back to me but I don’t think that’ll happen before I leave.

So older projects open, which are in the samt folder in Dropbox, and you have the same version of Scrivener on both the desktop and the laptop?


So you have the exact same updated version of Scrivener on both computers. Same version of Windows, and go through exactly the same motions? Use the same Open command, and have defined the same default save-folder on both computers?

If you have really made sure that everything is exactly the same on both computers, I agree it’s a mystery. I jump back and forth between two computers all the time, without the least hiccup.

Hmmm. You brought up points I hadn’t thought of.
Not sure when or how Scrivener updates, but since I haven’t used Scrivener on my laptop in months, it’s probably not be updated.
I’ll hunt around for way to do that.

No, I’m not using the same version of Windows on both. Desktop has Windows 10; laptop is Windows 7 Pro.
Any ideas on how to get them to work together or would I have to upgrade the laptop to W-10?

Thanks so much for your assistance.

If you have the updated version of Scrivener on the desktop but not the laptop, the desktop saves rhe project in the newer version, which the older version on the laptop can’t open.
If you open one of the older projects on the desktop, it asks you to update to the new format.

There should be an Check-for-updates menu item somewhere, under Help or File I guess.

You’re a genius! I checked the Scrivener version on both computer and by golly, the laptop was an older version; not compatible with the one of my desktop.
So… I downloaded the newer one on the laptop and it opened like a charm!
You have no idea how exciting this is. I’ve been trying to solve this problem forever.

Don’t know how to send a cup of coffee to Sweden, so please accept this virtual cup. :slight_smile:
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Glad to be of help! :slight_smile: