Project won't open

My wife has a project on Mac. I just downloaded and installed the beta Windows version (scrivener-023-installer.exe). That seemed to work fine and I was able to open and use the tutorial.

She sent me the file for her project, which I’ve unzipped etc. When i try to open the projectname.scrivx file, which I take it is the right file to try to open, I get a warning that the file seems to be open on another computer. I click to proceed anyway, since she’s not working on it and I’ll send her my version when i’m done, but then nothing opens.

What am I missing?


I had her send me that file after she closed out of scrivener on her box, but it still won’t open for me in the Windows version.

First thing I’d check is to see if there are any files within the project’s .scriv folder that are labeled with “Conflicted” in the name or something similar. Dropbox, for instance, will resolve any conflicts during sync by creating a new copy of the file with “conflicted” appended (many other sync programs do something similar) and while these files will just be ignored on the Mac Scrivener or be found as “Recovered” files, they’ll cause Windows Scrivener to not be able to open the project. If you find any, you can open them and their non-conflicted version to see which is the one you want to keep or to merge edits and then delete the “conflicted” version.

Nothing like that that I can see.

  1. When I go into \files\Docs and click on one of the .rtf files, M$ Word raises some security concerns, since they call it something like “material from the internet.” I tried telling Word ‘ok’ and also setting the folder containing the scrivener stuff as a trusted location, but that didn’t help. Could there be some other of Bill Gates’s weird security efforts interfering?

  2. Let me check each step:
    a. Click on ‘Current.scriv’ in the ‘Current.scriv’ folder
    b. Get “Create New Scrivener Project” and “Scrivener is unregistered” dialogs
    c. Select “Try”
    d. At this point, I would think the project I had selected would open, but it doesn’t.
    e. Go to “Open existing project” and click on ‘current.scriv’ again.
    f. Nothing happens–including no error message of any sort.

  3. I re-installed Scrivener. This time after step e the “Create New Scrivener Project” dialog went away and I had an hour-glass for a few seconds, but then, nothing.

I had my wife make a new project and send that to me. She first copied the first two chapters of the existing project into a new project. That opened, but only the first “document” came through. I then had her create an entirely new project and just type in a small bit of brand new material. And that came through and opened. So there’s something about the main project in its current form that doesn’t come through properly. I’ll have to experiment more when I get home to see what is happening.


I am having pretty much the same problem. I created a project on the mac and can’t open it on a computer running Windows XP. Clicking “open existing project” only takes me to a folder of the project with no file inside to actually initiate to open it.

To open a Scrivener project on Windows, you need to go into the “projectname”.scriv folder (which on the Mac just looks like the file itself) and then click on the project.scrivx file to open it. Are you saying that when you navigate into that .scriv folder on Windows, there aren’t any files inside?

Thanks for the tip!
I now managed to get files showing up in the folder by copying it onto the desktop rather than dragging it on there.

But when I double click the project file I now get the error message “Project is incompatible with this version of Scrivener”. That remains the same even after installing the latest versions on both computers. And after trying it with fresh projects created in the latest Mac version.

Hm, try this: In Windows Explorer, open your “projectname”.scriv folder, then the “Files” folder and in a plain-text editor (like Notepad) open the “version.txt” file. If it’s empty, type “16” in it (no quotes) and save, then try opening your project again.

If that doesn’t work, could you do a quick step-by-step of what you’re doing? I’m a bit concerned by your statement that new projects created in 2.0.5 on the Mac won’t open in beta 024 on Windows; I’m not seeing that, but if it’s an issue I definitely want to track it down. Thanks!

Oh, I wanted to add–if you’re moving the project as a .zip file, make sure you extract the files first. If you just double-click the zip file, Windows will open it for you in Explorer and you can view the files, etc., but it’s not actually unpacked so Scrivener will throw the incompatible message if you try to open the .scrivx file. Just remembered that.