Project won't open

I’m having an issue where I can open Scrivener to begin a new project, but when I try to open my existing project, the program crashes–all open Scrivener windows completely disappear with no warning. If I try to launch the project directly from its saved file location, it simply will not launch at all. It’s been a couple weeks since I used the program so I am not sure if any updates would have caused this.

I’m using Windows 10, and have been using the program on Windows 10 for some time. I am not sure what to try in order to open my project again–troubleshooting suggestions greatly appreciated.

Sounds like your project is corrupted. Page 53 of the manual explains how to open a backup and check if that is what you want.

Their recommended process is rather convoluted compared to what most windows programs do, but you should follow it anyway. Their process includes:

  1. find the backups and select the one you want
  2. extract the zipped file to a temporary location
  3. Check the file and see if it gives you what you need.
  4. Close it.
  5. Delete your current (corrupted file and all subfolders)
  6. Move the backup folder into the place vacated.

I’d suggest printing out their instructions.

THANK YOU! The last accessible backup didn’t restore everything, but it’s much better than nothing. Appreciate your reply!