Project word count in the footer view

If you select all the documents in your draft folder in Scrivenings mode, the total word count across all documents will display in the footer, like Word.

I’m having an issue with this, actually. I had a formatting issue and had to copy and past text into existing chapters in my manuscript. I’ve corrected all issues that came with that (I think), but I can’t get a word count when selecting multiple documents in draft folder, only for the current folder.

Perhaps something related to this: at the bottom in footer view in each document, I’m looking at drop downs with screenplay formatting options. I don’t think this was there before.

The project as a whole has always been a manuscript and under view menu I have “scrivenings” as an option, and that’s what’s selected.

Appreciate the help.

[One more data point: the original documents I had before creating the new ones are correct. Count at bottom when multiple selected, and no screenplay formatting drop downs.]

Fixed. Turns out it was just one document. I created a new document, copied the text into it, deleted the other one. Not sure why that happened.