Project word count in the footer view

Hi everybody,
The footer view displays the current document word count and, if I want to know the whole project word count, I have to go through VIEW > STATISTICS > PROJECT STATISTICS.

Is there a way to make this appear in the footer view? Something like Microsoft Word.

Thank you.

Have you tried using “Show Project Targets”? This provides a floating panel that displays the total word count from the manuscript which updates while you type.

Thank you. :smiley:

This could work, as it allows me to quickly check the total word count while I type, but I think that having it simply reported on the footer would be better… I mean: this floating panel is great, but it occupies space in the screen and gives me way too much information.

Will the 2.0 implement something like this? Or should I write it in the “wish list”? :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and moved this to Wish List for you. I think it could be a good idea, particularly if it were toggled with a click in the foot or something of that nature, so as to not take up too much space with both displays. I would imagine it wouldn’t be too much of a resource hog, since the target panel operates at real-time, but there might be something I’m not thinking of which makes that panel more efficient than a footer display would be.

thanks for moving the topic. :slight_smile:
Ok, then… I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers.



It’s not a bad idea and I’ve added it to the list as a possibility. I haven’t had time to check the code, but I think that having the project targets panel can slow things down a little bit, though, so it may be that this is a slower option. I’ll evaluate it properly when I get time, though.

Thanks and all the best,

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just posting here to say that I would greatly appreciate a simple project word count in the footer as well.

Especially in the final months of a project, I find myself checking those VIEW > STATISTICS > PROJECT STATISTICS way too often. I hope that seeing the word count all the time will eventually make it less interesting, and of course, that way, I wouldn’t have to tackle that nasty word counting habit myself. :wink:

Probably goes without saying that this could be optional, so anyone writing the second volume of War and Peace (where system resources might indeed become an issue) could just turn it off. Thanks and keep up the great work!

What about Edit Scrivenings? If you do that for the draft folder, you’ll have the full number of words in the project in the footer.

Totally agree, this would be a great feature to have. Is it still being considered for implementation?

True, the Project Targets window does it job, but there are some limitations with it (in my experience):

  • It’s non-dockable and floats somewhere. During an active session, the window has to be dragged and moved to see what’s beneath it,
  • It is taking up quite some screen space relative to it’s purpose,
  • If you close Scrivener, it does not remember that you had the Project Targets window open, and it doesn’t remember it’s position.

Al these very minor faults would be circumvented (in my view) with a Project Targets word count in the footer.