Project Word Count

I’m writing a novel using the Novel template. I have parts and chapters. I’m pasting chapters in that I wrote in Word and the Scrivener word count feature is not increasing as I add chapters. I read the section on project statistics in the manual and don’t know what I’m doing wrong. If I click on Manuscript in the binder, shouldn’t the project word count include all my chapters?

The Project Statistics count for the Draft (called “Manuscript” in the novel template) folder is based on the compile settings, so if you have some documents set not to compile, or if compile is currently only including titles and synopsis to create an outline or such, that would explain the word count not updating. I believe the default compile settings for the novel template don’t include folder text, so if you’re pasting directly into folders rather than into their subdocuments, that could also explain it. In general the first thing to check here is just that a) all your documents really are subdocuments of the Manuscript folder rather than unintentionally placed outside (beside) it and b) that your compile settings are the way you want them as far as what documents are included (Contents tab), what elements are included (Formatting tab), and maybe whether or not footnotes or annotations are included, if you use them frequently (Comments/Footnotes tab).

If you’re looking at the “Selection” count in Project Statistics, that one is affected by the settings in th “Options” tab there, so make sure those are the way you want them.

Thanks, Jennifer. I’m not sure I understand your answer. I’m using the novel template and also using parts. According to the binder icons, some of my chapters are folders with text and some are just text documents under the part. I don’t know what I did differently or how to change them. To add a chapter I have been clicking on the part and then “add text.” I’ll review the file import procedures in the manual. Thanks for your help.

Sorry for the confusion! Ok, so in the binder you do have some icons that are a folder with a document icon in its corner?

If that’s the case, then the text in those folders is most likely not being counted, as the default compile settings for the Novel with Parts project template don’t include the folder text. If these are just supposed to be the same as your other chapters that are regular documents (e.g. “one” and “two” in the image above), you can select them in the binder and then right-click and choose “Convert to File”. They’ll then switch to the document icon and will be treated as documents (rather than folders) during compile, meaning their text will be included; that should then be reflected in the Project Statistics count.

Thanks again, Jennifer. That solved my problem. Well, it solved one problem. The larger problem is that now that I have an accurate word count for the whole manuscript I can see that I have to write another 32,00 words!! But that’s not a Scrivener problem.