Projects and Folders

I have a Project which includes research notes, and now also a Folder that includes the actual article I am writing, based on the research notes. So, notes and article all in one Project, divided by Folders.

My question is - is it possible to move the article to a new Project, and then also be able to access all the notes, say, in Split View? In other words, can one work on two Projects at once, in one Binder?

Also, related, is it possible to move a Folder from one Project into another Project? (So, when I finish my article, I can export ONLY the article and not the notes in the Project).

Thank you.

You can drag items between the binder of one project and another (and you can just export folders and files too via the File > Export menu).

But you access notes from one project in another project - the ruler is: one binder = one project. The binder is your project, in fact. You can, however, set up separate folders under the Draft folder and only compile individual folders, so it is possible in this manner to have more than one project in one Scrivener project (binder). You wouldn’t want to do that with lots of large projects though.

Hope that helps.

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I just wanted to be sure you know about this, since you’re trying to separate your notes from your article…

The “Research” section, a place where you can keep your notes, is automatically excluded from the output of a “compile manuscript*” (under the File menu). The document & project notes (to the right of your editor window) are not included when you do a Compile. Also, when you bring up the “Compile Manuscript” menu option, it gives you a window where you can un-check an “include” indicator. That would mean if you mix your article and your notes on the article in the Manuscript folder, then you can exclude the notes during the compile step.

  • “Manuscript” is the default name for the top folder in the Binder, but it can be renamed to anything, and may not be the default for your setup.

This is all helpful. Thank you very much.