Projects Column Organization and Binders/Projects?

I work on many stories at the same time and because I need to use both PC and iOS I store the Scrivener projects in a Dropbox folder which Scrivener points to.

In Scrivener iOS, The Projects Column seems it can’t really be organized at all. If I don’t want to show a certain project in the Projects Window Column in order to save space there visually (lots of stories and bits), I can’t delete the project or else it will delete the project from DropBox, too.

Is there a way to organize (or could there be in the future?) the Projects column in iOS? Being able to just re-order projects there would be a start.

Finally… and to recap

So, once you sync the iPAD to the scriv dropbox folder and open a scriv project, you can’t ever close that scriv project, right? If you do, it will delete the project next time you sync to dropbox. So once open it n your Projects list, it’s there permanently, so to speak. Or am I wrong about that?