Project's editors responding oddly, indeterminate focus

I was working in a project where one of the editors started responding oddly to binder clicks, and where clicking in the binder would trigger a change in the non-focused editor. This seemed to be project-specific. Other projects did not work this way. It doesn’t seem to be a setting, or one I intentionally changed.

I did a Save as and then reduced the original project from several hundred documents of about 160,000 words, to just 3 docs. The strange cross-focusing behavior persisted. The animation below is that project.

In the title bar, the blue shading and the darker blue bottom border are out of sync with each other. Does that reflect a setting or an option? Or is there something weird going on with that? Other projects, the shading and border always follow each other.

The project seems to have lost clear differentiation between the two editors, at least when responding to binder clicks.

The only way to change the document displayed in a given folder is to first click in the other folder. I tried a clear history on both editors, with no effect. Nor is the locked status of the editor (as it is briefly in the animation) a factor.

The behaviour comes from the (project-specific) setting for Navigate ▸ Binder Selection Affects ▸ As you noted, the colouring in the headers is meaningful—the full blue background indicates the targeted editor, the one that will be affected by the binder clicks, and the underline indicates the active editor (i.e. the focussed editor, whose metadata is shown in the inspector and which will be impacted by commands related to the current editor).

The default setting for the navigation option is Current Editor, so the active editor and targeted editor are the same.

Ah ha. I thought it might be an option. I looked in Options under Behaviors, but didn’t go deep enough in the menus - though I must have found it once to have accidentally changed it. Weird. Thank you, MM!

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