Projects not in recommended location

This is a reply because, even tho . I’m signed in, there is no link on “Using Scrivener” forum to post a NEW QUESTION. SO “REPLY” IS THE ONLY WAY TO POST MY QUESTION. I’m on a mac using Chrome. I’ll try Safari and Firefox, but I don’t have high hopes for them.

I have managed to get Scrivener running on my imac. BUT I have a message that the file i opened is not being stored in a “recommended” place.
The scrivener files are in my dropbox in in a scrivener folder inside an “apps” folder . I thought that WAS a recommended place. So 1. what does that warning mean?
2. I cannot open any Scrivener files on my ipad. Get error message saying the files are incomplete. Have no idea what that means. I’m following all directions, selecting “open file” and going to dropbox and opening apps folder and opening Scrivener folder selecting and opening files. They won’t open at all – I see that there’s no ios option here.

The warning states what the problem is in the message itself. Here is a knowledge base article on the matter.

Most likely it means exactly what it says: the project isn’t all there. Initial sync may take a while—do not try to sync your phone until Dropbox on your Mac has stopped working at all for a few seconds. If you drop a huge project into your Dropbox folder that takes 15 minutes to upload, and then whip out your phone and try to sync immediately, you will at best only get the few folders and files that have been uploaded thus far. Hence, incomplete.

Personally I wouldn’t even bother with an initial sync if you have a lot of material. Copy the stuff over to the phone directly with WiFi or USB in a few seconds and then if you want, use Dropbox from there. The latter is better for small changes made throughout the day. It’s pretty slow for bulk transfers.

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I understand the reasoning for this warning. but when I move the working files to another folder, they disappear from the list of files on my iPad. When I use the iOS Files app and locate the files in question, I can’t open them.

Leave your projects where they are, in your Dropbox syncing folder.

Go into Preferences or Options or whatever it’s called in Mac Scrivener, and change where your backups are stored, to somewhere other than your Dropbox syncing folder.


Thank you. That seems to be exactly the solution I needed.
Now I can Scriven to my heart’s content.