Projects, Themes, Preferences: Hi, I am confused.

Hi folks ~ I’ve been using Scrivener a couple years now, but haven’t learned all the features. I think it’s marvelous!

I’d like to know how to create … “Themes”?.. am I using the terminology properly? … that I can save out and bring up for different projects.

Working on poetry? The Poetry project could have a blue background, say, and definitely all autocorrections turned off. Sometimes I am able to manually load a Theme I’ve made called “Poetry - No Corrections.” I feel like those settings should automatically stick to my Poetry project whenever I open it up. Where would I do that?

But when I start a new project, I’d like the default to be autocorrect on, smart quotes off.


I’m sure this is all explained brilliantly somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet. Any help would be appreciated!

Well you can’t change the colours in just one project, those are settings found in the Appearance preference pane. You can however save colour sets as Themes—which might be part of what you’re looking for (or perhaps you’ve already found). Appendix B.1 in the user manual, and B.1.1 in particular, goes over both Themes and Preference Presets. The former lets you switch easily between appearance settings, the latter is for saving everything in the preference pane (including colours). Either of those tools might help you with some of that. Having a ‘Poetry’ preset with various settings that help with that process could be an interesting use of the feature.

So ultimately whether to use Themes or Preference Presets is up to how much you want to shift your settings around between projects. The drawback to Presets is that since they save everything, if you make a change that you wish to have done globally, you have to update each preset as you use it.

Setting themes and presets is entirely up to you. There is no way around that as these are global settings. Switching appearance themes is really easy though, from the main Scrivener menu. Presets aren’t much more difficult.

Autocorrect is a global switch in the Corrections preference pane. It is thus subject to saved presets.

The toggle options in the Edit ▸ Spelling and Grammar and Edit ▸ Substitutions submenus are “sticky” in that they will remember what you chose the last time, when you make a new project. Maybe not the best system for someone that changes their mind frequently, but for the most part it works well.