projects won’t delete from dropbox

I have a few projects in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener that I’d like to delete and they keep reappearing. If I delete them on iOS, they come back with the next full sync. Same with Finder, as soon as I use iOS, they get copied back onto dropbox. Can I try deleting via the dx website?

That seems really strange. Just to be clear, are you making sure that the syncronization is complete after deleting before you sync on the other device? I suggest that you sync every device up, then on the Mac, close the project and delete it in the finder. Allow Dropbox to sync, and then go to to verify that the project is gone. Then sync iOS.

If you want to start on the iOS side, then sync first, delete the project, and then sync again. Following that, go to and verify that it’s gone.

If it’s not… then something is not right, and you need to figure out what’s going on before continuing to use your dropbox account. I’d contact them after trying to delete from your Mac, so they can’t blame the issue on iOS Scrivener’s DB integration. Continued issues like this could affect any and every file stored on your Dropbox accounts.

Yeah, this is what I was going to suggest. As Rdale says, doing it this way puts the responsibility for deletion 100% on DropBox, and gets the iOS Scrivener-DropBox part of it out of the loop.

But joyv, I just want to confirm that your goal here is to completely and permanently delete this project from everywhere, right? (As opposed to just trying to get it off your iOS device.)

okay, thanks, then it’s not right: Dropbox menu bar says it is up to date, projects are gone from the Finder, but still on the Dropbox website. So I guess I need to contact them.

yes, all gone, thanks. I was splitting up larger projects I had used for quick notetaking because they started to take too long to open. But I kept a zip of all of them in case something goes wrong.

Here’s something that’s popped up for me recently with regard to dropbox: They’re now prompting me sometimes when I delete a file, warning me that it’ll be deleted “everywhere,” and would I like to only delete it on this one machine?

Is it possible that you’ve answered, “yes, I’d like to only delete it on this computer” at some point? Maybe that flags the project as “don’t sync deletes on this thing”, so it stays on, and keeps re-appearing as a result.

yes I’ve seen that too. Possibly I clicked/tapped wrongly at some point.

I was just about to write to Dropbox but the problem repaired itself. The laptop was closed over night, which it usually isn’t. So nothing could sync. And I had the phone plugged in and let Scrivener iOS sync over night even though the files were still visible on the website. Now the files show as “deleted yesterday 640 pm” which was when I attempted it last, even though they were still visible on the website around 8 pm.

So Dropbox did notice they were deleted from the Finder, and maybe leaving the laptop ready to sync was the problem. Scrivener iOS noticed that these files were wrong, the sync arrow circle on top was red and the files to be deleted had a red cross and I wasn’t able to open them any more. Maybe Scrivener iOS continued its sync attempts until everything was fine.

thanks to both of you!