Projects won't open.

Hello all.

I recently got a new laptop, and scrivener was one of the first programs I installed on it- and finally upgraded from a trial version to paid. I also upgraded from Win7 to 10- and I suspect this is one of my main issues.

None of my projects will open in this new paid version. The main project default page opens, but not my project. I’ve run troubleshooting compatibility, but I can’t even open my project files to get to the RTF’s.

I’m at a loss- and on a deadline. How can I open my projects? Is there something I’m missing?

Which versions are you using? Is the trial and paid version the same or did you test the beta version and then buy the 1.9?
And if you got yourself a new laptop, how did you move the projects to it?

Sorry for the late reply, I work odd hours for dispatch.

I figured out the issue- somehow my install on my older laptop reverted back to trial mode, so the license info didn’t match, I guess?? I reactivated the license and resaved them, and now they’re opening again!!