<$projecttitle> <$projectname> malfunction? [RESOLVED]

I can’t get neither <$projecttitle> or <$projectname> to compile as a page header…

“OUTLINE” was my document’s title, so that works OK.

But the name of the project is left blank.


Ok, I managed to make it work.
It would seem that the problem is rather that the project’s title ends up as the Abbreviated title, instead of as the title, in the compiler’s metadata when creating the project.


Any specific reason for that ?

OK, it works.

The template I was using had it’s own title in the “abbreviated title” field of the compiler’s metadata.
It would seem that this title then gets replaced by the new project’s title when creating it from the template.
So far so good: I moved the template’s title to the “title” field, updated the template, and now all works fine.

I’ll leave the thread, in case someone ever has the same issue.