Projectwide list of document references?


Is there any way of displaying all of a project’s document references in one place, as in Search or Outline view? I can only find them on a document-by-document basis, requiring a manual search when one goes missing.

Thanks for the Windows version; I’ve been satisficing in its absence for several years.


If you need to use references you can access project-wide, you might consider using the project references feature instead of document references. Just flip the little menu header bar down in the inspector and choose Project References. Stuff you add here will be accessible from anywhere in the binder.

Document references are meant to be just that, stuff you need to support that document—irrelevant to the rest of the project.

Thanks, AmberV. Scrivener has many ways to see beyond document boundaries: retrieval of phrases and keywords, composite views, the corkboard. I’d argue a search is also meant to be just that, and that the relevance or irrelevance of a link can change quickly.

Perhaps a feature for a future release.