Prologue and text file separators

Hi there! I’ve searched your archives for solutions to the pesky prologue problem and have not found a satisfactory solution.

Problem: Prologues get titled with the prefix you set up for chapters.

Solution one: Place the prologue file into the front matter folder.
Why this fails: If you use a scene break separator like “<<<” or “***” and add that in by choosing to place that as a custom separator between adjacent files, you will get that separator placed above the “prologue” title, and there seems to be no way to suppress it.

Solutions two: Add a section prefix to prologue and another section prefix for chapter one.
Why this fails: The system is set up to recognize the prologue as part of Level 1, so no matter what I do with the fiction template, it will title the prologue as chapter one. I’ve tried placing it as a file under Manuscript but before the ch 1 folder, placing it as its own folder before the ch 1 folder, adding the unique formatting for that page as a prefix and as formatting in the file. It seems I’ve exhausted possible workarounds here, so I’m feeling pretty frustrated with this!


This works (for me)…



Briar Kit

Thanks Briar! While this wasn’t a pressing issue for me since I’m a long way from finishing it’s good to know there is a work around.

Of course now I just have to remember how to do it when the time comes around that I actually need to do it. Of course I have to finish the project I’m working on first. Then I need to delve into that strange world/art of ‘compiling’.

My ‘to do’ list just doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.

Thank you - that does allow me to set the prologue as a folder and prevent it from being labeled a chapter. However, now the formatting either reverts to the original text file’s formatting, or the “Prologue” tag appears left-justified instead of centered, as it is in the original text file. I’m wondering if it would actually be easier to set up a new doc from scratch rather than trying to tailor the built-in fiction template the way I am. I can’t even tell what font it’s compiling in - this doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere.