Prologue Problems

I understand you can write “on” a folder. In my case, I’ve writtn on a Prologue folder. But the text doesn’t appear after I compile, and I’m getting a space between Prologue and Book One in the TOC that I don’t want. Any advice, please, on to deal with both these issues? I’ve attached 2 screenshots: the ToC problem and the Binder showing Prologue highlighted with the text that doesn’t show up after Compiling.

In Compile, Formatting, did you tick Text and not only Title for that level?
An easy solution. Make a document under the Prologue folder and cut-paste the text to it. It will probablt solve both issues.
An alternative is to convert it from folder to document.

Lunk–Thank you for replying.

I tried out your suggestions. Certainly, ticking Text helped bring up the text, but it also added the first line of the Prologue to the ToC. I also tried nesting a document with Prolog text, but then that became Chapter 1.

Any more suggestions?

Okay, problem solved. I’d not unchecked HTML ToC so I was getting two sets of ToCs and didn’t realise it.
Thanks again, Lunk.