Prologues and Epilogues in Kindle compiles

I love Scrivener, but for the first time I’ve hit a brick wall and can’t seem to solve the problem.

I’m doing a Kindle compile for a story with a Prologue and Epilogue, and I’m struggling! I can’t get them both to appear in the clickable Table of Contents. If I put them in a folder I get Chapter 1- Prologue, and what should be Chapter 1 is labelled Chapter 2 instead, and the Epilogue appears as Chapter 18- Epilogue. Not good!

If I unclick their folders or turn their folders into files, I can get the Prologue to appear in the ToC but not the Epilogue.

Is there a fix for this? It’s probably so easy and obvious I’ll want to kick myself, but so far after multiple trial and error attempts (think I’m on version seven or eight now) I’m failing dismally to find it!

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

You can do this by structuring your binder so that the Prologue and Epilogue documents are at a different level from your other text documents, so that you can format them differently in the editor. Say you have a binder where you have multiple folders designating chapters, with several subdocuments in each representing scenes. You could then have the Prologue and Epilogue documents as text documents at the same level as the chapter folders, rather than in folders themselves:

In this example, you’d include titles for the Level 1 text documents (Prologue and Epilogue) but not for the Level 2+ documents (all the scenes, that are contained in the folders). The screenshot includes the title for the folders, but you might exclude that and have the folders set just to use a title prefix, the “Chapter <$n>”. That prefix will only apply to the folders, so it won’t affect the prologue and epilogue documents.

For the Epilogue document, check “page break before” in the inspector or in the compile Contents, so that it will be properly separated from the scene document before it and will appear in the table of contents.

I have adjusted my Binder to look just as above diagram…ticked the right boxes but can’t get Prologue in Novel or any other format…i have done my Prologue as a text and ticked title but not happening for me…still get Chapter One

The “Chapter One” numbering is likely coming from a title prefix, which is applied to the Level 1 Documents in the Novel compile presets. With that row (matching your Prologue’s level and type) selected, click the “Section Layout…” button and delete the prefix there. If your chapters are all defined by folders, this should remove the unwanted “Chapter” prefix from your prologue without affecting the real chapters.