Prologues and Epilogues


I’ve done a quick search already but can’t seem to locate an answer. I apologize if this is on here somewhere…

I’ve managed to get my Prologues and Epilogues to not show the Chapter numbers BUT, I’d like to list them as “Prologue” and “Epilogue” as well, the same way it does for Chapters.


Prologue (Centered, same font and font size as Chapter heading)
Text, text, text

I can’t seem to figure that part out…

(This is for a paperback novel creation.)


What method are you using to inhibit numbering? It sounds like you might be using the “As-Is” flag, which would definitely do that, but that’s more for stuff that doesn’t need any title at all, as you’ve noticed. Things like the title and dedication page will benefit from being set to compile as-is. Another side-effect of “As-Is” is that it will print the text precisely as it is shown in the editor, which might not be what you want if you are changing the formatting in the compiler—but again is useful for stuff like title pages, where you wouldn’t want the text to become 12pt left aligned text.

For things that you just want to remove from the numbering and titling system, check below the Formatting compile option pane for “Title Adjustments”. This only pops up if any of the Formatting rules have a prefix or suffix. The easiest thing to do would be to use the “Do not add title prefix or suffix to documents:” drop-down to individually pick these two files (and whatever else you may need). You may also notice there that you can disable prefix and suffix for all items in a Front Matter folder. If you are using that feature (which might very well be if you started with a template), then you could just move your prologue file into that and it would also benefit from any alternate header/footer settings you may be using in the Page Settings compile option pane (such as Roman numbering). Epilogue however will need to be disabled as described above as Front Matter is obviously inserted before the main matter, not after. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe that answered my question. :wink:

I must not be understanding the question then. I was thinking you wanted something like this:

Chapter 1 - Blah blah
Chapter 2 - Blah Blah


If you set the “Prologue” and “Epilogue” documents in the Title Adjustments pane to not use the prefix/suffix, then the "Chapter # - " part will not be added to them.

Yes, but as you’ll read above I’ve already figured out how to get it not display Chapter #'s on those pages.

What I want it to do is display the title heading (for Prologue and Epilogue) in the exact same font and styling as the Chapter headings so it appears consistent throughout the book. I can’t figure out how to do that.

I’m still unsure as to what method you are using to inhibit the prefix. As I posted, there are multiple ways of doing this, and the solution to your problem would changed depending upon what route you have taken for doing so. I outlined the different methods involved so that it would be easy to point out which one you’ve used. I can say that in general, all formatting for this type of stuff is done in the Formatting compile option pane. So the way a title looks for a folder is set up there, as well as the way a title is set up for a file group, or an individual title. The formatting can also be altered by what depth the item is at in the outline, much like in a standard outliner like Word’s. So the ultimate answer to your question is probably somewhere in there, but it’s hard to say exactly where without knowing how your project is set up.

Perhaps what is wanted is Format > Formatting > Preserve formatting. Set up the original exactly as you want it to appear – identical to settings in compile – being careful to match vertical spacing as well as font. That’s what I’ve done to handle a couple of out-of-the-ordinary chapters.