Imagine this happening at the airlock in space…

The Matrix 2 -3. Superman 3 -4. Back to the Future 3. Underworld 2 - ?. Halloween 3 - ?. Tron 2. The Ring 2. The Exorcist 2 - ?. Jurassic Park 2 - 3. Every M. Night Shyamalan movie after Unbreakable…

I did like Star Wars 3. Still, it paled in comparison to the originals (I mean, the sequels*).

*I mean, the first three(1).

  1. IV, V, VI

I’m also looking at you, StarWars episodes 4-6 digitally remastered with different effects and extra scenes editions. Just leave it alone George!

Han shot first!

Friday the 13th Jason in out space.

On Star Wars, I came across an interesting watch order that someone recommended that makes the prequels much more palatable (at least from a presentation of overall plot). The idea is to scrap Lucas’ misguided notion that Anakin is the central character and return it to the original notion that Luke is the central character. Watching them in a linear sequence makes a big long and frankly stupid story about Anakin.

First priority: find the original cuts of episodes IV–VI. This is getting increasingly difficult to do. There are “Despecialized Editions” floating around.

As for the rest, read this if you have several hours.

I’d try it myself if I didn’t throw all of my Star Wars movies away in a fit of pique some years ago.

Alien vs. Predator: Primal Requiem Extinction Hunt Part Six or whatever it is at?

pigfender: Maybe I’m just overly precious. I caught the trailers but avoided most reviews before going to see Prometheus, and I’ve been astounded, reading the reviews since, just how positive they are. Roger Ebert gave it four stars. Mark Kermode, whose opinion I usually respect, rated it 7.5 out of 10. There are some genuinely brilliant visuals, and I keep coming back to it and thinking, “Well, it has left something residual in my mind since I saw it on Monday, so maybe it’s not as bad as I thought?” And then I remember all the stupid things the characters did and said, how nothing anyone did had any consequences whatsoever, and realise that the residual thing it has left is a mental turd.

Remember the scene in Alien where Ripley refuses to let the infected John Hurt character back on the ship? And when they get back on board they go mad at her, nearly attack her? How you can see it from both points of view, and the whole scene, short as it is, both progresses the plot and develops the characters? Well - and I’ll keep this spoiler-free, don’t worry - there is a parallel scene in Prometheus, where one character won’t let another back on the ship because of infection. And yet, despite this scene in Prometheus having serious and horrific personal ramifications for one of the characters, there is absolutely no follow up. No consequences. No one gets mad at anybody else; it’s just forgotten. It’s mental, as though they’ve all had lobotomies and can’t remember what has happened to them from one scene to the next (maybe that is another effect of the magic black mud, the universal plot device). There are two occasions on which one character tries to kill - or causes the death - of another character, and nobody so much as bats an eyelid. They just cut to a later scene where they all chat as though nothing has happened, even though, in one case, the character is still bleeding copiously…

A lot has been made of the plot holes - and they are yawning great things, true - but the main flaw is the characterisation, which is the thing that grounded Alien and raised it above being a simple slasher in space. Damon Lindelof has to take a huge portion of this blame, but you have to wonder that Ridley Scott didn’t take one look at the script and demand another rewrite. (Especially since, judging by a couple of recent interviews, it seems as though Scott thought he was making a docudrama…)

Sigh And now I’ve started ranting again. It’s only because this is the film I’m been looking forward to the most since Moon. And Moon surpassed my expectations. I’m going to watch Alien and Aliens again this weekend to cleanse myself…

Well …why not? :confused:

I have every intention of watching Prometheus but this subject topic has made me realise that I am just really shallow because I will enjoy it regardless, simply because Noomi Rapace is in it :slight_smile:

One of my “hobbies” if I get a chance is marathon running. Not the silly exercise kind, but watching movies from a series back-to-back (*). As you can imagine, this is something I’ve been able to do less of since leaving college, but every now and then I throw something in there.
As such I have long contemplated my preferred order for watching the StarWars films. I ultimately settled on : Original series 4, 5, 6; prequals 1, 2, 3; remastered 4, 5, 6.
Yup, it means you have to watch 9 movies instead of 6, but you get to do both main choices of order (456123 and 123456) in 75% of the time.

However, having read this link, “Machete” order makes perfect sense. I was also really worried about the fact that the original trilogy weren’t being released on bluray in their unf*cked form, and this dude seems to have my back on that one too! I have deliberately not watched anything starwars related in 7 years to ‘clean’ my mind to give myself the maximum opportunity for wow. It might be time.

i I am waiting for my girlfriend to go on holiday without me at some point so I can complete the ultimate: Bond[/i]

I doubt it. And even if you are, you’ll only be compensating for the similar ‘rose tinted’ glasses that I clearly wear for the original. I mean, how can ANY movie really compete with the impact of seeing that chestburster scene in Alien for the first time ever?

I met Mark once. I was at the afterparty for the “premiere” of Shawshank Redemption (when it was re-released 10 years later) and Mark was talking to Frank Darabont about tinkering with movies post release. Both laid heavily into George Lucas for his re-imagining of the StarWars movies, saying that once a movie is out there it belongs to the fans, not the director.

Didn’t stop Frank messing with a single 5 second scene in Shawshank though, of course.

I must watch her in The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, seeing as everyone raves about her, and there is not much worth raving about in her performance in this, I’m sad to say. That may in large part be down to her being forced to act an English scientist, though, for no good reason whatsoever. (In flashbacks to her childhood, they get an American actor to play her English father - couldn’t they have got him to do Swedish, instead?) She is also saddled with a truly awful, role, too, in which her entire characterisation comes down to her crucifix necklace.

Okay, I really am going to stop bitching now. I’m actually making it worse than it sounds - it is, in many ways, hugely enjoyable. If it had nothing to do with Scott or Alien I’d probably give it three stars, even. Look at it like this: I’m doing you all a favour. When you go to see it with lowered expectations, it will seem waaaaay better than I’ve described it. :slight_smile:

Wait, you weren’t talking about her acting skills, were you…?

I’ve just come back to this thread after reading the linked blog on watching Star Wars in machete order. A very happy diversion and I’m looking forward to watching Star Wars in that order. My father has also asked me about the best order for watching the series, now I can make an informed (although still equally opinionated) response.

As for dodgy sequels, can no-one else remember Highlander 2? I still cry at the memory…

I like Machete’s order. I’ll have to try that sometime. Still, when fans have to tinker with the order of the series, it speaks volumes about how much Lucas f’d it up with the prequels.

I seem to recall someone else stating an indictment toward that practice as well. Ah yes:

“People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians, and if the laws of the United States continue to condone this behavior, history will surely classify us as a barbaric society.” —George Lucas, 1988

There can be only one Highlander movie!

IT is pretty bad when Porn has the same level of acting and writing as a “blockbuster”.

I thought I was already there?

We’re supposed to believe that?