Ssshh! Maybe PF has the appropriate number of Bond-girls lined up.

I think maybe the lesbian love scene in Dragon Tattoo has impacted on my critical analysis of her acting skills. :blush:

Yeah, I know it amazes me too! Mrs Pigfender, like, hangs around and spends her time with me by choice!

I think she must really love you to take on a last name like that.

BTW: I love what you’ve done with your website.

All he’s missing is the “F-off!” sign.

It is a masterpiece of website design.

I coded it myself. Never had a lesson.

Have you you ever checked out Ioa-iffer’s?

Darn you Ioa!!!

There used to be a different Ioa-iffer site that I happen to recall. I will not post it just incase Ioa has reasons. Let it suffice to say he kept the sign you are missing.

I was blown away with the usage of HTML and CSS3.

PS. The only thing missing to make it a complete masterpiece was

“Hello World” in 48pt Bold Times Roman. (blinking)

What I find most strange about my behaviour here is that I bother to actually link to the site in my forum profile.

We can add to that list for you if you would like.

It reminds me of that one time when I invented Google.

Wasn’t it later that same night you invented facebook?

Can we please stick to belittling the work of others? All this joviality isn’t helping me get closure. :slight_smile: Sod it, I am watching Alien tonight…

I thought I was. Sin’s work is clearly bad fiction.

I know let’s belittle the work of automakers next. They need a good “WTF were you thinking?” round of belittling in the forums.

BTW, how’d the jubilee turnout for you all (pronounced ya-all-s by sin, wock, and Jaysen)? Sounds like the kind of party we would have loved to spoil with our redneck offerings of affection and admiration. Unless the queen needs a new 'possum hat…

Where I grew up, “y’all” and “y’alls” were considered to be snobbish $5 words. The correct trailer trash plural of “you” was “y’uns”, or possibly “you-uns”*.

  • For the (blissfully) uninformed, you may have heard the phrase “young-uns” to refer to someone many years the junior of the speaker… it’s like that, but with ‘you’ instead of ‘young’.

Not Ridley Scott’s The Duellists, then? We’re watching that at the moment, having recorded it off Film 4 last week. Lavishly filmed, beautifully costumed, nice touches of humour, lovely casting for the bit parts (Tom Conti, Alun Armstrong, Pete Postlethwaite, Liz Smith…), but altogether rather peculiar. How much of that is down to Joseph Conrad’s plot in the original book, I’m not sure.

I would like to, but you scared me off from watching it. How bad is it on the Ridley Scott scale? Is it G.I. Jane bad? Matchstick Men bad? Or is it Gladiator bad, as in still worth watching?

Just had a look pigfender and I must say it is a step up on mine which just says “under construction” though I did code that myself as well. I really must not make decisions like “should I have a website” whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Hmm, it’s not G.I. Jane bad… Well, the visuals, acting and directing aren’t, at least, but the script is that bad. The acting and bombast is Gladiator-esque. Meanwhile, Michael Fassbender is Blade Runner good throughout, despite the material he has to work with.

Surely some of you U.S. people have seen it now? Didn’t it open there last night?