Promote a child-doc to a parent

So, sometimes I write a few paragraphs in a child doc, and press “enter” to get a new document up there and it’s always a sibling to the last one. How do I promote it to a parent without pulling it and dragging it into the list… (sometimes getting it lost among other parents/sibling).

Is there a shortcut to facilitate this?

Yes. See the keyboard shortcuts in the FAQ: … -shortcuts

You want Move Left / Right / Up / Down (Cmd-Ctrl and various arrows)


Yes yes yes. Thanks.

I’m sorry I don’t understand the short cuts that were posted in this reply. I too, have ‘parent’ folders with a little drop-down symbol showing the sub-category chapter under it (it is indented from the original folder). My problem is that I don’t want a sub-category. I want that to be its own stand-alone folder. But try as I might, I cannot make it become its own folder. Instead of writing, I am spending hours trying to get this thing to work. Thanks for any help/suggestions.

The shortcuts (and the Documents > Move > Left / Right) will only work if you have the focus in the Binder, not in the Editor or Inspector. Cmd-ctl plus the left and right arrows will outdent and indent the folder in the Binder respectively.

If you want to make sure that new folders are created at the same level as the previous document, then in Preferences, go to the Navigation tab and make sure that ‘Always create new items as siblings’ is checked. I think that will do the trick.



I’m not sure why this would take hours - have you been through the Interactive Tutorial?

To move something from being a subdocument to being on the same level is as simple as drag and drop. Just drag it to the left and below a little until the indicator line is as far left as the item above it. Alternatively, just use Documents > Move > Move Left (Ctrl-cmd-left) with the subdocument selected.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks for your insight and help David. Your clear explanation is much appreciated.
And Keith, I wasn’t talking about hours spent just on this problem but the time I’ve spent in general on this program.
I don’t find Scrivener very intuitive, but I recognize that it is very powerful and I am determined to learn what I need to know. I’m sure it will work for me once I get up to speed.
Meanwhile, I appreciate simple answers to exactly what I am working on. It’s the way I learn. Thanks all, for the help.