Promote / Decrease Indents

A shortcut for promote and decrease indents would be appreciated.

 Possibly an optional button for the customizable toolbar.  Thanks


You’re in luck! The menu options are currently missing but there are shortcuts for these already:

Ctrl+T/Shift+Ctrl+T will increase/decrease the first-line indent.
Ctrl+Q/Shift+Ctrl+Q will increase/decrease the left indent.

If you go to Tools > Options, under the Keyboard tab you can filter for “indent” and change the shortcuts if you wish.

I have the Alt-shortcut cheat sheet, but is there a cheat sheet with ALL keyboard shortcuts?

There’s actually a Mac app called “Cheatsheet”, which will display all keyboard shortcuts for the application you are using at the moment. By default, it pops up when you hold down the CMD key for a couple of seconds.


Thanks for the shortcut! Manipulating lists is pretty clunky without it.
I went through the manual and didn’t see that. Might be helpful to include them in next revision,
or make them more prominent.
Holding down a button to display all the keyboard shortcuts would also be welcomed by the poor barefoot Windows wing of the Clan.

Yep, that’s the one I have. I just didn’t go through it in enough detail to realize that all kinds of keyboard shortcuts where there. :slight_smile:
And if I was some decades younger, maybe I could memorize it as well. :smiley:

Hope this helps: … 81493.html

Take care

PS sorry for such a short post, but, unfortunately I opened this:
and got a megga-migraign

In case it helps, I posted a list of all the Scrivener Mac keyboard shortcuts, sorted by cipher rather than menu order.



Mr X

How come I always think of those grand piano players when I see such lists?

“Ah, you want to increase the promoted outdent on every second indented line? Piece of cake! Just press ctrl-cmd-shift-alt-#-spacebar-/--backspace-I-P-O, simultaneously.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, with the other hand you should simultaneously…”

Except it isn’t all of them; none of the Format > Scriptwriting > Change Element To keystrokes are listed.

That is true. The reasons are:
(1) they aren’t included in the Keyboard Shortcuts list given at … -shortcuts
which is the list I re-ordered;
(2) I have never needed to use script-format, so (a) I am unfamiliar with them, and (b) they never crossed my mind.

You will also note that I specifically asked anyone who found any errors — which such omissions could certainly be considered — to post back, but none of those who responded did.

Mr X

But the purpose of creating the list in cipher order was precisely to be able to identify quickly any unused combinations that didn’t require concert-pianist dexterity. Having them ordered by the respective menu entries made such combinations difficult to find.


Mr X

Consider this a response then.

I have recently been making a great deal of use of those scriptwriting shortcuts but wasn’t doing so back when you asked. Not even sure that I was a Scrivener user back in 2007!!!

[EDIT!!! Drat and double drat. You posted that list in April 2015. But still I wasn’t using Scriptwriting mode then or at least not the shortcuts.]

Hope this adds as much light as heat:

Here’s a Windows pdf, 22-page list of shortcuts…like I really have room for this on my desk, guess I can keep it under the desk…
Tip of the hat to Misterkay

OK … I’ve still got the file from which I made the PDF. When I have a moment, I’ll add an extra table of the scriptwriting shortcuts.

Mr X

Here you are Reepicheep and anyone else who’s interested … new version including Scriptwriting shortcuts.

Mr X

Mac Scriv keys by cipher-2.pdf (58.7 KB)

Nice :slight_smile: … but

Cmd Alt 2 changes element to Action
Cmd Alt 3 to Character
Cmd Alt 4 to Parenthetical
Cmd Alt 5 to Dialogue
Cmd Alt 6 to Transition
Cmd Alt 7 to Shot
Cmd Alt 8 to General Text
Cmd Alt 9 to General Text (Centred)

You have them all as changing to Scene Heading. :frowning: Sad face.

Doh! <slaphead!> I got it all together, thought I’d made the changes, then had to go out to dinner. When we came home, I just exported it to PDF and uploaded without even looking at it! :unamused:

Anyway, here you are, version 3.

Mr X

Mac Scriv keys by cipher-3.pdf (59 KB)

Thanks. Great. Looking good now.

If I find any other omissions I’ll post a note.