promote/demote binder items with tab?

I know how to promote/demote items in the binder, and I agree the existing shortcuts are very intuitive in terms of the system they use

My problem is I am SO use to using tab/shift tab for this kind of thing (as I do in other outliners and as scrivener does with lists in documents)
that I am constantly making mistakes.

So I’d like to change the keyboard shortcuts just for promote/indent in binder to tab/shift tab.
I know how to change keyboard shortcuts in general - but since this one seems not to have a menu command (as far as I can see) I am not sure how to do it.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Edit▸Move▸ “Move Left” / “Move Right” are the menu commands you want to bind correct?

Ha - so it is! Thanks I had overlooked that as the terminology is so different.

It works fine in the system prefs panel except as soon as I type the tab key in the shortcut field, it just moves focus to another input field (its global behaviour)!

Does anyone know if there is a way to refer to the tab key without typing tab? I tried ^t as a guess but that didn’t seem to work.

Thanks again NonTroppo!

Does copy and paste of a tab character directly work (use context menu), or \t (probably not)?

⇥ is a special key so hard to enter. I do know BetterTouchTool can handle tab key rebinding, so that will work, but it is not a free app (but very useful and powerful and IMO worth the small $):

+1. Every Mac user should buy & use BTT.

BetterTouchTool does works to rebind [Shift]Tab to Move in Scrivener 8) :


In Mac sys prefs, you can hold the fn key down while hitting Tab in order to specify Tab as a shortcut trigger.


Thank you! Yes that does the trick for writing the tab key in the dialogue box.
However it does not solve the problem. I think this is because the TAB key is already co-opted for moving the focus to the next dialogue box. So even after setting the keyboard shortcut, when you hit TAB all that happens is the focus moves from the binder to the editor.
I suspect this means it is impossible to do what I want (use TAB/SHIFT-TAB for promote/demote binder items).
However if anyone has another suggestion I would sure love to hear it. It seems like a small thing, but it is amazing how much it slows me down.
Thanks again for all suggestions!

BetterTouchTool does do this properly, and I verified it works in Scrivener’s binder…

I think you must re-assign another shortcut, not previously used, to the ’shift focus’ operation first.

Yes NonTroppo you are right - using Better Touch Tool makes it work exactly the way I want.
Thanks a million - and also to other contributors.