Prompted for license reactivation

Hi, I have paid for a license and have been successfully using Scrivener on two Windows devices for around a year now. I used Scrivener on my primary device this morning with no problem. When I just tried to open Scrivener on my secondary device, it prompted me to input my license. I re-checked opening Scrivener on my primary device and did so without issue. I am currently unable to run the paid version of Scrivener on my secondary device. Can somebody help me with this?


A couple of days ago on one of my laptops I too got a notification to enter my email address and license information. I did so, and v1.9.16 opened and ran normally once it verified.

This re-entry notice appears to come regularly now. I’ve never had a problem with Scrivener not taking the information requested and running as it should.

Thanks for your help. Do you happen to know where my activation code might be stored (e.g., email, specific hard drive folder), or should I submit a lost Activation Code request to L&L? If you suggest the latter, would that cause problems for the machine that Scrivener is currently working well on?

When you purchased, you would have received an email with your Serial Number and Serial Number Name (name you registered with). If you don’t have that info anymore, I recommend contacting L&L support. They can’t help you with registration issues via this forum.