proof reader services

Anyone have a good service that can reliably see the then/than, to/too/two issues as well as suggest “you may want to rethink this sentence” type edits?

A few other things I’d like:
• Will work in scriv (will provide file via dropbox or my personal servers)
• Is ok with knowing this is just a vanity project
• Is comfortable with colloquial/conversational writing that often violates every principal of grammar, on purpose.

Writing samples would be the NiaD chapters and a few of my posts in the “I’m a Writer” section (I think I’ve gotten better since then). Vic-K may want to weigh in on that point. I would suggest that there is a bit less focus on “to the point” and a lot more “rambling story” in this project.

If you know of anyone, send me a link to a price card or contact info.

Young Twain,
before you start splashing out your hard earned wonga, on paid for, and probably unnecessary advice from a pro grammarian, try … m_term=tfd.

Also don’t abandon concision, for what could easily become obscurantism. :laughing:

You’d be in the best position to determine if I have abandoned something I never claimed to have :slight_smile:

I’ve used a few services similar to grammarly. They don’y like much of anything I produce. Which isn’t necessarily wrong, but is isn’t quite right either. Maybe I’ll give it another go …

Yeah. That was painful. Grammarly does catch a lot and I’ll likely use it, but there were some things that I know need looked into that it missed. It is one of the better ones I’ve used though. I’ll likely keep using it.

Be warned: Grammarly doesn’t play nice with Scriveners ‘smart quotes’, so can actually introduce some inconsistent formatting. I love the service, but this glitch is annoying. Won’t stop me using it though :slight_smile:

Edit: It has been raised as a feature request with Grammarly. And integration as a feature request with Lit & Lat for Scrivener.