Proof reading assistance.

Not being a professional writer, I have to close read and really take time to proof read my work before submitting it. Currently I use the Crtl, Shift key and right cursor keys (windows) to select word by word until I have a sentence/paragraph complete, and then click highlight. Once the entire currently selected document has been completed, I use the meta data to indicate this. Then turn off all highlighting.
Would it be possible to simplify this using the highlight system somehow. A menu item or something similar to enable a proof reading mode? Or would this be too much bloat?

Would a hotkey for the highlight command be good enough for you? If so that is something we intend to get wired up in a future update so you don’t have to use the mouse to click a button.

I’m not sure this is specifically what you were requesting, but there should be a keyboard shortcut for the highlight already in 1.5.7, Ctrl+Shift+H. If that’s not working, try going to Tools > Options and in the Keyboard tab, select “Scrivener” from the Import button menu to reset the defaults. You can of course also change the shortcut then to something else, though that would probably work nicely with using the keyboard to step through your work a word at a time, since you can just hold down Ctrl+Shift and then alternate tapping H and the right arrow key.

Many thanks for replies. I tried the hotkey combination Crtl+Shift and H as it was listed in the menu Format/Highlight as a hotkey, but never managed to get it to work so assuming it was not activated yet. The reset to Scrivener defaults has worked a treat. Although I have not changed anything previously but It works very well and this is just what I needed. Thanks.