Proofing and right margin

I’m having a problem with the Proofing selection in the Compile menu and haven’t found an answer in the user manual or on this site. When I compile after selecting the Proofing option, the right margin is consistently off the page by roughly a quarter inch, cutting off the ends of the lines. The footnotes at the bottom of the page are fine. I’m not sure where the problem is.

Also, is it possible to control the font and font size with the proofing option? Everything automatically switched to Times 10 point font.

Font settings are configured in the Formatting pane, however some fonts will fail to work when using the proofing engine, which will cause it to revert to a standard font. This could be what you are seeing. It is a known issue with the Aspose PDF generater, and main reason we provide a choice between the two and call it “proofing”. If it did fonts correctly (and a few other quibbles that can’t be done like the publishing engine provides) we’d probably just use it for everything.

As for your right-indent, it kind of sounds like you have a right-indent set up—potentially in the Formatting pane if that is being overridden globally by the compiler. Drag the right-indent arrow symbol all the way to the right on the ruler, so that if you change the width of the compile sheet, it follows the width of the mock editor rather than stopping at a certain point. Because of the way Scrivener’s ruler starts counting at the text block rather than the paper edge, right-indents can be a little tricky to set as margin width will offset the numerical value.

Okay, that seemed to work. Thank you. It’s rather confusing, and certainly not obvious, but it will work for printing drafts until I move my documents to a formatting program.