Is it possible to export a Scrivener document in another format, to be used by my proofreaders? I would like to export using Apple’s Pages app, if at all possible.


Of course; you need to compile. But you may have a problem as your proofreader is using Pages, especially if he is using the latest version of Pages.

The best compile format is RTF, as the latest version of Pages won’t read RTF files, and if your document has images, footnotes, etc. the previous version of Pages won’t read those and strips them out. So if your document is fairly simple, make sure you have the third party converters running and compile to .DOC or .DOCX, which Pages will import. Or if it’s complex, export it as RTF, open that in Word or OpenOffice/LibreOffice and save it as DOC/DOCX from there.


Mr X

Wow! Almost instant feedback. Thanks. - Suomi

Compiling can seem somewhat complex, so if you haven’t done it yet, go back to any tutorial section on it, and there are lots of posts on the forum helping people who’re finding the learning curve steep. But it’s one of the most fundamental strengths and raisons d’être of Scrivener, and really worth getting to grips with.

Mr X

Another option is to get your proofreader to install scrivener and have them annotate your project using inline annotations…

The main benefit of which would be that you don’t have to go through the clumsy process of reading track changes or comments in one program, or off the page, and insert them into your project in Scrivener for further editing. Keep it all in one program until then end is the ideal workflow.

But I was also being a little bit facetious.