I am having difficulty figuring out the best way of getting proofreading comments back from friends and other authors when I use Scrivener.

  1. If send them an eBook, they must reference page or location numbers. I have no way to match these to the location in Scrivener. I must look in the eBook and get the location via subsection number or title and then count my way thru the binder to the correct place.
  2. If I send them a PDF, then I might get page numbers or marked up paper back.
  3. If they send me the bad quote and a suggested replacement I can use Scrivener’s search. But this is a lot of work for the reader.

Obviously, MS Word has some good tools in this area, and many people have MS Word on their desktops. How are other authors getting comments and corrections back from friends?

PDF with line numbers in compilie. Then they reference the line number where corrections are needed. You store the PDF in research for reference. I would recommend inserting Doc titles between section names for your own reference.

At least that’s what I’ve done for shorter works. No reason it won’t work for longer pieces as well.

Maybe this applies to more structured academic writing, but my projects all have a clear outline hierarchy with titled chapters/parts. Because my collaborators mostly use Word, I compile them a properly outlined DOCX and make sure track changes in on. They edit the DOCX file, and once returned I turn it into a PDF (keeping the track changes visible in the PDF) and import it to research. Then split vertical pane and work my way through the changes chapter by chapter…