Proper formatting in multimarkdown compile


I want to compile to multimarkdown, but when I do it only inserts single returns at the end of each paragraph; proper MMD formatting should have two. Is there a way to have this compile correctly and do away with the need to use another application to correct the output?


The software assumes that you are typing proper MultiMarkdown. :slight_smile: It’s not an MMD generator (with the exception of a few things), it has MMD integration so that you can write using the syntax and easily compile to supported formats and tweak the command line settings and meta-data handling with a GUI.

That said, you could try searching for one carriage return and replace it with two (copy and paste them in), in the Replacements compile option pane. That’s going to damage things that do not need to spaced out, though, such as tables, meta-data lines and a few other things.

It actually converts everything perfectly–except for the proper paragraph formatting.

From everything I’ve been able to find, that’s not possible in the Windows version. :frowning:

All that said, it’s a relatively simple task to post-process the output in Notepad++; I just wanted to see if I could save a step somehow.