Proper name with a leading '/'?

Hi Everyone,

I’m working with a character whose name begins with a forward-slash character, as in
/CREIGHTON. The ‘/’ is intended to be a part of the name itself, not a delimiter or punctuation of any kind.

Unsurprisingly, Scrivener treats that forward-slash as punctuation, not as a part of an actual name, and therefore I’ll find it broken between lines, with (for example) the ‘/’ character left as the final character on the line above, and CREIGHTON appearing at the beginning of the following line.

“[Bla bla bla characters…],” I said to /

I’ve been looking for ways to define “/CREIGHTON” (an example, not the actual name I’m using in the story) as a series of characters that should always be kept together, like ‘Robert’. So far no luck, but I’m sure it’s possible.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

There is a special character that can be used to “glue together” two characters so that they do not split in word-wrapping. It’s similar to the non-breaking hyphen or space, except that you cannot see it, it has no width. To use it, position your cursor between the two characters you wish to join, and use the Edit/Insert/Word Joiner menu command. You’ll note that if you use the arrow keys to move the cursor around, it gets “stuck” between the letters, that’s the invisible joiner character.

Considering how awkward it is to insert one of those, you might want to save inserting them toward the end of the writing process, when you can use project-wide search and replace to convert the way you’ve been typing in the name to the version with the word joiner in it, or even just not bother doing it in the editor, and save that detail for when you compile, using its Replacements feature.

Wow. Awesome.
Thank you very much!