proper way to exit from a Bullet List ?

After I’m done listing items in a bullet list I usually hit Enter which creates another bullet symbol at which I click the Backspace key to erase this unwanted Bullet symbol. I then have to manual adjust my tab stops back to there position just before the Bullet list. I’m not sure this is the proper way to be exiting my bullet list… it seems like too much work… someone please show me the way… thanks !

That basic problem is going to exist whenever you enter a list at the bottom of the document and then continue writing off of it (which when you think about it being just another type of formatting, makes sense, if you indent a paragraph and then press return, the next is indented and so on until you change it—we only have different expectations from software with large scale stylesheet support, where body text actually means something definitive as opposed to list text, simpler editors like Scrivener, and even WordPad, have no concept of this). So if you wish to preserve to normal flow of text around a list, just make sure to leave a line below the list before starting it. In practice this is very easy to get into a habit of.

As for how to stop typing into a list, backspace is fine, but you can also use return on a line with nothing but a bullet. But if you use the method I described above, DownArrow to leave the last list line is what you want.