Proper way to update/reinstall Scrivener 3 beta

Hey all, I had installed and used S3 earlier this year to do the final formatting of a prior project, and now have another 1.9 project that’s ready for formatting. It used to say you should de-install and reinstall. And when I went to de-install, I found four different “versions” of S3 in my apps and features menu (Windows 10). I de-installed one, And the other three seem to have de-installed as well (I assume it was actually just a single installation, but due to the different versions, the windows app icons were duplicated for each version (e.g it shows the on one, and on an other, etc.)

What is the correct procedure to update to the current version. Just re-install? Or are there some hidden old files I need to get rid of?

Thanks in advance!

Reinstall is fine. However –
It’s likely a good idea to go into Control Panel/Programs and features, and uninstall the old ones. As long as they’re not active, they shouldn’t hurt anything, but Windows can get confused, so let’s not put trouble in its path.
Once you’ve uninstalled, make sure the old directories are deleted, and then download and install the current RC 9 (though it might be up to 10 soon). I usually install to a directory named for the current version (in this case, “ScrivenerRC9”) just to make sure I’m not writing over another Scrivener directory (which could cause issues).