Proposed change to "Locked in Place"


I’m just getting chance to use Scrivener myself now. As I am currently going through all of my documents in the top pane whilst keeping the bottom pane locked, I am thinking that it would be useful if, when an editor is locked in place, selections in the binder should affect the other editor in the split, regardless of which has the focus.

What do you think?


P.S. This would have the added bonus that you could very easily set up the interface to work like a three-pane outliner if you so wished.

Seems like a good idea. But what would one do if one wanted to edit something in the locked document without changing the contents of the other split?

Glad to see you’re actually getting a chance to use Scriv for a change, Keith. But ahaaa! Wouldn’t it be ironic - given your protests that the feature set is closed - if that use prompted you to want to make further changes sooner?

Also, I’ll be curious to see if the thankless job of actually writing fiction doesn’t leave you pining for the good ole days when you were getting immediate feedback on your efforts and regular praise for your excellent results. Welcome to writer’s hell! Be careful what you wish for. :smiley:


ha! …in no time Keef will be begging for daily word counting cum bells & whistles :wink:

One of the reasons that I like to lock is when I am organising stuff in the Binder, and do not want to lose my current editor session.

Okay, sounds like we need a separate setting then.

Me, too. (And I’m clumsy with the binder…see my wish list post :slight_smile: )

Okay, I’ve taken an alternative route. There is now an extra “Binder Affects” submenu in the binder’s contextual menu, with the options, “Current Editor” (the default, making things act as they currently do), “Bottom/Left Editor” and “Top/Right Editor”. This seems to work nicely.

Seems like an elegant solution to me.

And BTW, just ignore my earlier comments re “Writer’s Hell”, if you can handle a primary school class I’m sure you have all the necessary mental discipline to handle the psychic bumps of a writing career — wish I could say the same.:slight_smile: