Prose for the sleepy

Tired of being directed to pages of lively prose, exemplars of brisk style and crisp composition which you will never be able to match, and all intended to show you how to write better? The Paris Review has, not exactly a cure, but an alternative.


Harsh. :smiley: I actually found that text quite interesting, and not dissimilar to a good documentary on BBC4. Maybe not fascinating enough for me to download the remainder of the text, but certainly sufficiently engaging to make me want to read the whole sample – and I didn’t fall asleep once! Maybe I should get out more…

Then too, consider the source. Those folks at Paris Review may stick up their noses at BBC4.


You should’ve done, Sweet thing, it go on to detail the manufacture of rubber clothing as worn by Dominatrixes & Disciplinarians, and a list of suppliers. Facinating… honest!
Vic :wink:

BBC4 has nothing on RTE, or Raidió Teilifís Éireann.
Traveling in Ireland one summer, I tuned in for the
Prime-time special: “And tonight, we proudly present…

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

A multi-layered narrative …

Yeah, but, that should read Ply Wood. I’ts a middling sized copse, nestling in the foot hills of Na Beanna Beola (The Twelve Bens) in Connemara. It’s the site of unbridled bacchanalian goings-on, at All Hallows Eve. Hardly sleep inducing, I’d say. :wink: :smiling_imp:

Multi-layered and pressing, with knots and cross-grained whorls of action.

Sounds very like Vic’s naughty, necrophiliac version… :mrgreen:

Oops…he wrote copse, not corpse. My bad. :blush: :blush: