I came across this:

It would be awesome to have a plug in or some kind of integration with a utility like it for Scrivener.

Thanks for the awesome application!


Open source, and appears to be the BSD 3-clause license (a permissive license), so it won’t “contaminate” Scrivener with ugly demands.

For Scrivener I’ve tested proselint in a Scrivener > MMD > Pandoc workflow. It works perfectly well with Scrivener compiled markdown, the only caveat is its a bit slow. It wouldn’t be too difficult to make a script that would add the output back into a .md file (proselint can return JSON so it is easy to parse).

To add proselint to Scrivener as an integrated tool would be a different matter. The text editors that have proselint support have general code-linting support which Scrivener doesn’t have. So it would be huge amount of work for Keith to add to Scrivener as a “proper” linter. But perhaps as a “report” tool, where Scrivener runs proselint internally on RTF->Text then presents a report would be feasible.