Provide good collection of icons for custom use

This is minor, but I think quite easy to do for the next release.
I use icons for the documents in the binder a LOT so that I can immediately see different kinds of documents – Figures, text, email, notes, etc. etc.
At present I scrounge around for icons on the web.
It would be really useful if Scrivener supplied a folder with lots of icons, and made it really easy to attach one to a binder document (it is not very hard now but might be easier). I find that the main criterion for an icon is vividness and clarity rather than complex images. Moreover I use Scrivener for lots of things, academic writing first of all, but tracking conferences with dates (I brought in a calendar icon), abstracts, web pages, medical appointments, tests, etc., so lots of different, icons would be useful.
I fully realize that is not as important as writing the code for the next release, but it would be a nice addition.

Incidentally, I am not overly concerned about the next release. I like Scrivener immensely the way it is now. Styles will be a good addition (I assume that one can use the styles in say Nisus after export?) but it works really, really well now. In fact I think it may be the best program I’ve ever encountered – put together by someone to do actual writing with all of the organization that requires. Perhaps a very slight touch of fear here: If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.