Provide option to change position of Copyholder

When opening the copyholder, it opens to the right or bottom of the document depending on your editor view. My visual preference is that it would be on the top or left of the main document - are there plans for adding this feature in preferences?

Also, are there plans to add more than two editors when split view?

Hi Shortbubble.
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Right click the document’s icon in the copyholder’s header.

Using a split editor, plus 2 copyholders and a document bookmark, you can have up to 5 editors simultaneously.

With the quick reference :
…you can have as many as you want.

Thank you for the quick response.

I knew of the quick reference, but I was reminded of the floating feature which looks like it’ll be useful.

For the Quick Reference and Copyholder, it doesn’t look like you can drag the text file icon onto the main editors, where you can do it from the main editors to the quick reference and copyholder to open the file there.

Also, the Reveal in Binder function doesn’t seem to work for the quick reference or project bookmarks on the side (which isn’t the biggest issue), but I was wondering if the functionality would be added.