ProWritingAid seamless integration

Allow for a way for ProWritingAid to integrate inside Scrivener in the same way it does with MS Word. Cutting and pasting in and out of Scrivener to use ProWritingAid is tedious and should be unnecessary.

This is an application for Scrivener’s Sync with External Folder function, which will put the files in a folder outside the project that Pro Writing Aid can access.


The lack of that integration was what pushed me out of Scrivener.

PWA has issues of its own, but I had a sub and switching between windows/programs just blew my workflow. If it ever happens then I’ll try another novel in Scrivener.
(I believe PWA make the devkit freely available and you buy a sub/login separately so there should be no charge for integration)

I used this program for about 6 years before I found a solution that suited me better. It lacks a corkboard, but includes grammar/style checking. When you ‘cycle’ like I do, that’s important. It doubled my output.

For heavy plotters, Scrivener is ideal.