ProWritingAid ( has a desktop version that can read Scrivener files.

Has anybody had any experience with this spell/grammar checker?

Unbelievably thorough. I’ve only extensively used the web version, which can get slow with large docs ( >5K words.) I have the desktop version, but haven’t given it more than a quick shakedown run yet.

But yes, it spotted a lot of, er, awkwardness in my prose and helped me clean up my first novella a treat. Like a human editor, you can ignore its suggestions. I found a (very) few constructions that it consistently misidentified, but which I could easily tell it that I didn’t want to see any more.

Possibly a nice idea, theoretically. But when I tried to get the free download by logging in via Facebook I just got Login Failure. Trying “Try it for free” via their Facebook page just sent me round in a circle, not to any download point.

I tested it but it didn’t do much good compared to an editor. So I did not buy the full version.