I apologize if this is off-topic or already answered. This is such a helpful newsgroup, I expect it’s the best place to get an answer.

I found ProWritingAid through this newsgroup and, while not perfect, it is a tremendous and welcome addition to Scrivener’s capabilities. I am having a few issues:

When I have nested Scrivener folders, I can select a folder but it seems that also selects all the folders and files within it which makes checking for problems difficult since I cannot isolate the single folder and hundreds of issues all throughout the folder tree are raised.

1) Is there a way to select individual folders and not the folders and files nested within them?

  1. Less important, ProWritingAid underlines various words that it flags and I would expect hovering over those words would identify the problem but it doesn’t. It seems I need to iterate through the exhaustive list of problems to find the one that is associated with the word. Is there a better way?

  2. Footnotes and other formatting does not seem to be show in ProWritingAid so the inline footnotes appear in the text, which is confusing. Is there a fix for that?

Thank You,

PS, I’m using Windows 10, Scrivener 3 (latest beta), and ProWritingAid 2.0.42 (latest)

Okay, so all your issues are with ProWritingAid, correct? This forum is for support with Scrivener, if you need assistance with ProWritingAid, might I suggest you contact ProWritingAid for support? No one here has any means of troubleshooting issues with a product produced by an entirely separate company.

I’ve just received my new shiny version of S4Win-3 and I’m working through Mary Crawford’s (new) Guide. She mentions ProWritingAid and describes it as an excellent fee-based grammar checker that “works directly with Scrivener.”

Unless I’ve misunderstood things, mrobbin’s first issue is one to do with selecting specific folders in Scrivener and it’s obviously the one that is causing him most grief. The other two sound as though he’s hoping that someone who uses ProWritingAid might be able to offer some ideas.

It feels a little abrupt to dismiss his query (especially the first part). If I was having issues with, say a .docx, I would feel that this support area was the first place to go rather than the Microsoft Office site.

I’m very much a Scrivener newbie and so if I’ve misunderstood the first point, then please accept my apologies! ::
DaveK ::


Dear DaveK,

Welcome to Scrivener. Since you are new to Scrivener it might help to mention that, though Scrivener has many invaluable features, I have found it necessary to maintain two copies of my book: one in Scrivener and another in Word. Of course, I use Word to access Gammerly rather than ProWritingAid. If I were more proficient in using Scrivener, I might get by with just that, but I am not. Notably, I am a proficient computer programmer and have a good deal of experience in LaTeX. Still, after many months of struggle, I have succumbed to the use of VBA in Word to fix most of my difficulties with Scrivener in post-processing. If you would like to collaborate in that regard, please let me know.

Good Luck,